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Thousands of New Yorkers use the New York Peace Network to keep informed on vital peace issues and take the responsible, sustained action that peace demands. The Network offers:
  • Just one email each week- an easy routine, five minutes of smartly targeted action for peace each week. (Five minutes a week may not seem like much individually, but when thousands of people are doing it, it adds up to a significant impact.)
  • Focus on a single, targeted action each week - an effective step toward a more peaceful world.
  • Quick-click to contact Congress: Just enter your zip code and get instant access to your specific Representative and Senators.
  • Other quick-clicks to informative videos, charts, and articles, petitions, etc.
  • Upcoming events: movies, plays, concerts, seminars, meetings, rallies, demonstrations, and other events in the NYC Metro area, Long Island, and upstate.
  • Ongoing events, meetings, and contacts for chapters and allied peace groups all around the state.
  • Secure and spam-free: Easy one-click forwarding to others, secure update of your personal information, instant unsubscribe on demand.

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